Product description of flags

• The flags are specially made and are of very high quality in workmanship and color
• Flag as standard: format 3: 5, approx. 90 cm x 150 cm
• four-color chemical-digital print through (i.e. reverse side mirror-inverted) in euroscale
• lightfast, waterfast, sunfast and colorfast as well as dirt repellent
• white side-ribbon as standard, plus two metal eyelets (fastening principle)
• Hem as a double-stitched safety seam all around
• Square flags are produced in 116 cm x 116 cm or 113 x 113 cm, depending on the motif
• The delivery time is approx. 14 days
• Concept, production and taxation in Germany
• Material: Flag gloss polyester in 110 g/m² basis weight or Ship's flag bunting (Flag spun polyester) in 155 g/m² basis weight

A) Flag gloss polyester, 110 g/m², with a very even, synthetic glossy reflective surface, of very high quality in workmanship and color reproduction. Under normal use, the shelf life is much greater than that of standard mass-produced goods. Normal use: as is customary in the business, it is recommended to take down all flags from a wind force of eight and higher (Foto). 

B) Ship's flag bunting (Flag spun polyester), 155 g/m², with a rather linen-like, non-glossy, non-reflective surface, of very high quality in workmanship and color rendering. Because it is stronger and more durable, it is recommended for higher demands, e.g. use on the high seas. In the case of historical flags, you can also avoid the modern, shiny appearance and bring historical authenticity close to the viewer (Foto). 

• Other types of processing based on the fastening principle are also possible (at no extra charge), e.g. cord and loop, black side-ribbon is also available

• Other flag sizes and formats are also possible. The short side of the flag can be up to 2.50 m, for example. Please inquire: Inquiry form

The following are also possible:

• Processing option as a table flag:
Table flags in the format 25 x 15 cm, made in digital printing on SFS Taft SE (special silk), 70 g/m²,
Also available with a flag stand, but only possible with a purchase of at least 5 pieces!

• Processing option as a table pennant:
in the format 15 x 25 cm, produced in digital printing on SFS decor 210 g/m², assembly: inside with opaque intermediate layer (fleece), outside with golden cord and suspension, also available with pennant stand, but only possible with a purchase of at least 5 pieces!

• Processing option as a car flag:
in format 45 x 30 cm, also available with bracket, flag gloss polyester, 110 g/m² weight, in chemical-digital print, reinforced on the pole side with strong white side-ribbon for the car flag holder, but only possible with a purchase of at least 3 pieces!

Please inquire: Inquiry form

The production of the goods (marked in the shop as goods to be manufactured especially for the customer, e.g. flags, books, clothing, displays) takes place via a work contract and does not involve retrieving stock items. That is why very short-term delivery dates are not possible! The goods ordered with the order will only be manufactured if all the conditions specified in the terms and conditions are met (e.g. and, among other things, receipt of payment and / or approval for printing). All purchases will be completed with an invoice.