Shipping and payment terms

(1) The payment methods available are PayPal, direct debit, credit card and prepayment. 'Direct debit' and 'credit card' are a PayPal service. You do not need a PayPal account.

(2) For the vast majority of the items in the shop, a discount is granted from 2 or more ordered items. Within Germany (mainland), with an adapted shipping address, shipping is also free of charge (see point 6). VAT is payable by all customers living in EU countries. No VAT is due for buyers from non-EU countries (e.g. United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein).

(3) The production of the goods (marked in the shop as goods to be manufactured especially for the customer, e.g. flags, books, clothing, displays) takes place via a work contract and does not involve retrieving stock items. That is why very short-term delivery dates are not possible! The goods ordered with the order will only be manufactured if all the conditions specified in the terms and conditions are met (e.g. and, among other things, receipt of payment and / or approval for printing). All purchases will be completed with an invoice.

(4) The production takes place in Germany. The printing is done in four colors in Euroscale, in a chemical-digital print through, so that the printed image appears reversed on the opposite side of the flag. The colors are lightfast, colourfast, waterproof and dirt-repellent. An expanded selection of flag motifs can also be made on the website

(5) Production and delivery take place against prepayment and only after receipt of the amount to be paid. The customer immediately receives an order confirmation or request for payment. The order description is the basis of the production. The customer will contact us as soon as possible if something is not correct. A receipt of payment signals agreement on all points and is considered as approval for printing. The account details and connections for the transfer are listed in the order confirmation. Production starts not until after receipt of payment.

(6) After receipt of payment and after the order has been placed in the work process, the customer receives an order or payment confirmation and the production begins, which can take 7 to 10 working days. The order or payment confirmation contains the invoice in the attachment and informs the customer on which day the order is expected to be dispatched. Shipping within Germany (mainland) is generally via UPS. Shipping to the German islands and abroad is generally via Post / DHL.

(7) The delivery time for UPS within Germany is usually two working days. If UPS does not find anyone, the shipment will not be left for pick up in an office, but will be delivered again. Three such delivery attempts are made, then the shipment is returned to the sender. The customer is asked to prepare for the delivery and to make sure that - if the delivery address is private - someone is on site who could receive the shipment. The customer can also send the UPS courier to a neighbor or to a neighboring shop with a notice on the door (or letterbox), which of course should be prepared. Delivery to a packing station is not possible within Germany.

(8) Note for undeliverable orders/returns: If the shipment is declared as undeliverable by UPS, DHL or Post/Mail, perhaps because no one could be found repeatedly, there was no note on the box, the shipment was not collected from the drop-off location and the shipment must therefore be returned, the customer will incur further costs. If the item is sent again, this must be charged. Many forwarders or postal systems (e.g. UPS, DHL) charge postage again for returns and sometimes additional handling fees. If a new shipment is necessary due to a failed delivery, the following costs must be paid by the customer, in total: 1st) Return costs, 2.) Processing fees of 6.40 EUR, and 3.) Shipping costs (postage) for the new shipment.