Washing and care instructions for flags


Flags for hoist, hanging flags and banners should be raised in such a way that they can fly out freely and do not strike walls, trees or wires, etc. Flags and banners must not be stored folded up when damp, as this may leave colour marks and stains. Washing should always be carried out in good time, without excessive soiling. Damage to the fabric should be repaired as soon as possible. This will significantly increase the life span of the fabric.

Preparation and washing

Metal parts, e.g. carabiners, should be removed to avoid damage. Washing can be done in any normal household washing machine with the addition of brand-name detergents for synthetic fibres with the setting for 60°C washing. For heavily soiled areas, the cleaning process can be further enhanced by applying soft soap followed by light rubbing. Bleaching agents must not be added! After washing, the material must be rinsed intensively in clear water with constant moving and then hung up immediately to dry.

Drying and ironing

Drying can be done by gentle spinning and then air drying in a spread out state. The flags can also be hoisted up the flagpole when wet for drying. Ironing is not necessary for outdoor use. For indoor decoration, the flags can be ironed at approx. 110°C (one point).


The flags should not be chemically cleaned (no dry cleaning), as the solvents used here do not always permit professional treatment.

Flying the flags in high winds

As is customary in the industry, we advise our customers to take down all flags from a wind force of eight or higher. For double-sided flags, this is already recommended at wind force six. Flags are and will always be wear and tear items, but their service life span can be significantly extended in this way.